charity donations

Giving back

We want to give back to the community, so every time you purchase a Cloud 9 Trampoline Park ticket or buy a drinking cup we give a donation to local schools.

how do I donate?

There are three ways we donate money to local schools.

When you purchase your entry ticket online, the online transaction fees are all donated to schools. When you come to the park you can pick up your token when you get your wristband. Head to the Hydration Station next to the cafe. Select your school of choice and put the token you have been given into the orange box. The schools will be rotated over time.

All profits from our security lockers go to local schools.

And all proceeds from purchasing a paper cup for drinking water also go to schools. If you need to buy a paper cup (50c) you will also receive a token. Choose your school as above.

To join our list of schools email for criteria

the environment

We aim to have minimal use of disposable plastic. We offer alternatives like glass and paper, free drinking water, compostable takeaway cups.

We’d love you to help in our journey to do our bit for the environment. We’re starting with:

  • We do not offer plastic straws, we have commercially compostable alternatives. Or you can ask for no straw at all – that’s a gold star from us!

  • We do not sell single-use plastic bottles. Instead you can:

    • Bring your own water bottle and refill for free

    • Purchase a takeaway cup for 50c (donated to charity)

    • Purchase other drinks in glass bottles from our chiller

  • We encourage you to sit down, relax and have a drink at Cloud 9. If you wish to takeaway we’d love it if you bring your reusuable cup in – we’ll give you a discount!

  • If you do need a takeaway cup for a hot or cold drink, we use commercially compostable cups. That means that they take less time to break down, but you do need to put them in the correct bin on-site, we’ll send them off to the council recycling facility. Bins are well signposted but please ask if you are not sure.

  • With other plastics and paper we recycle as much as possible and we’d love you to as well – please use the recycling bins provided.

Thanks for your help to stop the spread of single-use plastic.

We welcome your ideas on sustainability – email us on


Plastic. Yeah, it's not that great

  • On average people use 168 plastic bottles a year, spending on average $588 per person!

  • Every day 100 million bottles are used and thrown away around the world.

  • It is estimated 8 million pieces of litter enter the sea every day.

  • It takes 700 years for plastic to even start decomposing.

  • Approximately 78% of bottles are NOT recycled in New Zealand.